Shortcut to Quick Installation

Shortcut to Quick Installation

What takes up the longest time when installing switchboards is probably the installation of energy analysers and current transformers. Similarly, these two are likely to be the parts that have the highest possibility of being subject to mistakes. We have seen that even the switchboard assemblers with long years of experience can have problems regarding these parts, such as connecting K-L terminals in a wrong way or having unwanted accidents while making connection to live systems during installation.

ENTES has developed a new technology while eliminating all of these installation problems while saving time and money. It is called plug&meter.

plug&meter has been hard to develop, but it is quite easy to tell. Briefly, we have developed a new product family that makes it possible to connect an energy analyser to a 3-phase current transformer using only an Ethernet (RJ-45) cable. You can use our MPR Series Next-Generation Energy Analysers and ENS.3M series plug&meter current transformers to benefit from all the advantages plug&meter offers.

Shortcut to Quick Installation


  • Provides easy connection through a single cable without using a screwdriver
  • Saves time up to 85% when installing the current transformer and reduces labour costs.
  • Eliminates the risk of connecting K-L terminals wrongly, which is a very common mistake in current transformer connections.
  • Allows you to establish connections without the risk of having accidents even when the system is energised.
  • Provides savings on busbar labour costs thanks to its designed compatible with busbar dimensions of compact switches.
  • Prevents failures occurred due to leaving secondary terminals open on classic current transformers.
  • Can operate within a broad measurement range from 60 to 1600 Amperes.

Written by: Sertaç Erkan
Company: Entes Elektronik
Position: Marketing Manager
Date: 20.06.2017

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