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A: Dudullu OSB,
1. cadde, No:23 34776
Umraniye, Istanbul / TR.
P: +90 (216) 313 0110
F: +90 (216) 314 1615
A major part of our vision as ENTES is to reduce the energy loss in our country and in the world, to design products specially for energy efficiency in this context and thus to contribute to the preservation of the natural environment surrounding us which have been polluted partially for using of the energy resources.
"Saving A Starfish"
ENTES who adopted the “Saving A Starfish” concept has achieved 25% less energy consumption of its products compared to its rivals thanks to the products which have been designed in the recent years with the goal of lower energy consumption. This success was achieved by allowing the increase of the manufacturing costs and keeping the selling prices unchanged. Even though a person thinks that saving a single starfish from thousands of starfishes which have been washed up onto a shore will not change anything, it changes everything for that particular starfish. If the 25% decrease in the energy consumption of the 1 million devices which ENTES produces in 1 year is calculated, the importance of this goal will be clear. This energy saving is close to 8 million kWh which is almost the energy consumption of a big scale production facility.
ENTES Elektronik Cihazlar Imalat ve Ticaret A.S.
Dudullu OSB, 1. cadde, No:23
34776 Umraniye, Istanbul / TR.
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